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Sisonke Steam Train

Here is something a little different.. Rick and I were fortunate enough to experience the Sisonke Steam train this past weekend. On Saturday morning we ventured up to Creighton station to board the over night luxury steam train to nowhere. Creighton is about 30minutes out of Ixopo in Kwa-zulu Natal. I must be honest, this was one of the most beautiful experiences imaginable. I can only describe this experience by sharing the photo’s with you.

To contact or find out more about the Sisonke Steam Train, contact Signature Life Hotels or look at the Sisonke website here.


Dream Dressing Rooms

My oh my, how stunning are some of these dressing rooms? I recently had to design the dressing room cabinetry for a client and their three children. Each child has their own walk in dressing room – completely kitted out! Wow! I would LOVE to have an organised dressing room or even a large enough closet where I can colour code my shoes and clothes. Swoon!

Have a great weekend all!

Mariah Carey’s Dressing Room

Image: Overseeing Fashion Blog

Barbara Barry’s Dressing Room

Image: Paula Grace Designs

Image: Nest Egg Blog and Elle Decor

Image: Photographer Joshua Thomas on Elle Decor

Image: Photographer: Firooz Zahedi on Elle Decor


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