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Romantic Bedrooms for Honeymoon Couples

I have been asked to help with the decorating and styling of a new wedding venue, come bed and breakfast.. What a dream project, being a romantic myself, I get to decorate the lovely honeymoon suite! Yippee! 
To paint you a picture, the property is set in a lush established garden with towering, old trees. The dappled sunlight filters into each of the rooms and the smell of blooming flowers wafts into the bedrooms and fills the house with marveling smells.
I’m thinking of keeping the feel and style of the honeymoon suite classic and romantic, with a muted colour palette. I’d like to play with the texture of fabrics, and perhaps pull in subtle scents into the room, be it fresh flowers, scented candles, or cedar wood chips.
I would love to hear what you have to say …. what would be your ideal dream bedroom suite for a romantic weekend away?

Lv Che’ xox

 Images courtesy of {Lomblok, Shiny Interior, Living etc and Margot Austin}


Botanicals and Florals

This season I am seeing so many botanic and floral designs in wall coverings, fabrics, ceramics and even fashion. As I am blown away and totally inspired by these gloriously talented South African designers, I thought I would share some of what makes them so unbelievably gifted.


Lv Che’

Nic Bladen – Phalaenopsis sp. earrings (studs) – Sterling Silver

Nic Bladen – Mimetes chrysanthus – Bronze and Sterling Silver

Nic Bladen – Crassula rupestris – Bronze and Sterling Silver

Nic Bladen – Bronze rhus earrings – Sterling Silver and Bronze

Clinton Friedman – Classic Botanic Flower
Clinton Friedman – Scatter Cushion

Clinton Friedman – B&W Grafik Botanical

Clinton Friedman – Scatter Cushion
Clinton Friedman – Classic Botanic Flower

Design Team – Nostalgia Wallpaper Designs – Fairytale Marshmellow and Magenta on Cream

Design Team – Nostalgia Wallpaper Designs – Khanga Flower Duck Egg on Cream
Nic Bladen is a sculptor and jewellery designer who specialises in casting organic matter in bronze, silver or gold.

Contact details
Telephone: +27 (0) 21 782 6651
Cell: +27 (0) 73 236 0843


Reads Gallery, Johannesburg
Kim Sacks Gallery, Johannesburg
Dorpstraat Galery, Stellenbosch
Ebony, Franschhoek
Kalk Bay Modern Gallery, Cape Town
Africa Nova, Cape Town
Casa Labia, Cape Town
Stefania Morland, Cape Town
Imagenius, Cape Town
Merchants on Long, Cape Town
Artisan Contemporary, Durban
Amaridian Gallery, New York


Everard Read Gallery, Cape Town
Kalk Bay Modren Gallery, Cape Town
Ebony, Franschoek
Amaridian Gallery, New York

“Clinton honours the enviroment and heritage by capturing his uniquely personal perceptions on camera, the result is intoxicating to anyone privileged to enter Clinton’s world.”

Clinton – +27 (0)83 7780 467


Amanda Haupt and Lise Butler are the duo behind this South African inspired textile business. 
“Contemporary, topical designs form the basis of our fabric collections, rather than the already well represented ethnic approach.”

For specific enquiries on fabric collections, design services or printing options please contact
Lise or Amanda on:
Telephone: +27 (0) 12 653 1973
Facsimile: + 27 (0) 12 653 8417
Or mail us at:

 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Box Living

Box Living has some of the most exquisite hand crafted furniture and lighting I have seen. Their inspiration is drawn from the simplicity of nature and this is so evident in the intricacy and uniqueness of their craftsmanship.
Browse this gorgeous website here, and find their contact details below.
Have a fantastic weekend all!


Buchanan Square
160 Sir Lowry Road
Cape Town

T | +27 21 465 6480
F | +27 21 465 6478


The Beach House

After a fairy tale wedding of very dear friends of ours, Glynn and Shardae, we stopped by their beach house they were staying at on our way back to Durban… and of course, I couldn’t resist taking a few pics to share! What a quaint little cottage, which is situated right on the beach off some quite little road in Sea Park, South Coast. The decor has such a relaxed beach feel about it, so unpretentious.
Enjoy guys, and CONGRATULTIONS to my darling friends!
Have a happy week all!


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