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Living Room Inspirations

I thought I would share some of these lovely images I came across. I have been researching soft duck egg, blue, grey, cream and stone inspired rooms for a client.
Don’t you think these colours are just marvelous married together?
Hope you all having a good week so far! Things are really in full swing in the design and decorating industry, I have already forgotten about those sunny days lounging on the beach sipping gin and tonics. Ahh, well.. It’s good to be back full steam ahead!

Images courtesy of: From top {01. Decorating Vieda 02. Bookmarks Interior 03. Sequined Sunsets Blog 04. HGTV 05. Washington Spaces}


3D Wall Decor in South Africa

 Ooh… I love it when I hear of new products on the market! These 500 x 500 tiles are a wall to wall panelling that form a 3D wallpaper. They can be used just about anywhere, from domestic projects to corporate markets.
The panels are a a byproduct of sugarcane called bagasse (which is the fibrous matter that remains after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice). These panels are light and easy to install with a contact adhesive. Once up, you can paint them any colour you wish!
Love them!
Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Che’ x


Vintage "Love Bench" Find

Hubby and I set off early Saturday morning on our little scooter to find a few antique or second hand stores. The intention was for me to find a lovely dining table for a client but we ended up spotting, falling in love and buying this cute little, what I call, Love Bench! It found it’s way to our balcony and I now use it to drink my coffee and run through my diary in the mornings.

I hope you all have a lovely week, be sure to stay tuned as there are some exciting things happening on the Portfolio Blog soon!

Lv Che’ x


Rowen and Wren Homewares

I was introduced to this lovely online decor and brand store by Holly Becker of Decor8. I honestly can’t get enough of their gorgeous products and their amazingly styled product shots! As a couple, Rowen and Wren have compounded their experience in homeware design and retail, and created this UK based online store that showcases a range of home accessories, lighting, cushions and throws, furniture, mirrors and frames. Such an inspiration!

To view the Rowen and Wren website, go here.


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