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For those of you that have ventured down the KZN South Coast to Port Edward, have no doubt been to Mattison Square and the lovely Cow Shed Coffee and Pottery Shop. Mum and I decided to have a cuppa and I couldn’t help but share some of these pics of Vivienne and Brenda’s pottery.

For more info contact them on:

The Cow Shed Coffee and Pottery Shop
P.O. Box 569
Port Edward 4295
Tel: 039 – 311 3955



 I don’t know how my father manages to get roped into helping me with my clients’ items… I suppose it is because dad and I are so alike in that we are both devout perfectionists, and I know that I can rely on him to get things done properly. I got this really old oregon table from my mum’s shop, it was a bit wobbly and a bit warped with age and neglect, it needed some work. When I arrived to look at the finished product, everything else was great, but the table top was still badly warped! Oh my! I couldn’t have my clients’ dinner plates rocking on the table! So Saturday evening Dad and I were in the wood work shed.. He took the table top off, turned it upside down and heated the wood to soften it so that he could brace it with metal lengths and clamps to make it straight. Of course I was adding in my few cents worth and taking the pictures! Thanks to dad it turned out beautifully!

Che’ xox


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