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Recently there has seemed to be a buzz across the internet and in magazines about bathrooms becoming living spaces – in the words of Julia Twigg, “If you’re going to spend time there you should put some of your nicest things in it.”
Plascon recently reported on the how’s and why’s of the idea in their article with Lisa Millbacher: 
“Gone are the days where bathrooms were some pokey little room at the back of the house; over and above being spaces of calm and peace, where one gets to unwind the daily stresses and toils of our busy lives, they are also spaces were families LIVE.”

This makes a lot of sense – it’s a room in your home that contains expensive fixtures and finishings, that is vital in your life and can greatly affect your living circumstances.  As someone who has spent time in student accommodation with wholly depressing, rusted and broken plumbing, needing to use an old bath that is covered with brown water stains that felt centuries old, I completely understand and accept this concept.  As I stared at the moulded grouting, I came to realise how, while the rest of the house was in a similar state of disrepair, it was THIS room that was going to crack my spirit completely.  It’s meant to be a sanctuary, a place of privacy – attention needs to be paid to these areas.  (On that note, it was in this house where I also decided that never in my lifetime would I live in a house that had round door knobs on the bathroom doors.  This slick, slippery surfaces do not belong in a room that exists in a state of hot steam and hand cream.  Not being able to even open the door is the epitome of Not Ideal.) 
So on cruising the interwebs to explore this developing trend, I discovered that there is really no shortage of fixtures that would elevate your space from ordinary to the very opposite.  For example:
Outline collection designed by Mayadesign Studio

Gore Design Co.

Locally, and more low key, this COTTO Fleur Basin from Italtile is my favourite – simple, subtle, different and beautiful:

Here are some more stunning, out of the ordinary plumbing offerings from Italtile:

The main idea is to “seamlessly combine your bedroom and bathroom space” – so the introduction of furniture is also something to consider.  How luxurious would a chaise longue be?  Very “Sex In The City.”  Get creative!  As we at Portfolio firmly believe, the only restrictions we have are those that are imposed by decades of instilled restrictions.  Anyone can be fearless in design, if they only let themselves be.
For further reading on how to turn your bathroom into the space it deserves to be, check out these articles:
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This post is a simple, light-hearted travel inspired piece and sadly, some pictures of the last day spent in Italy before heading back home. As many of you know, Italy has some of the most beautiful lakes and we were fortunate to spend some time in a little place called the “Old Town” of Sirmione, which is located on the southern shores of Lake Garda. This pretty town is near the end of a long peninsula that juts out into the lake and has narrow winding streets, beautiful old houses and an old moated castle of the Scaliger family.

It was one of our favourite places that we visited in Italy, and hope to go back sometime soon.

Images via Pinterest – take a look here.

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