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Dulux has recently brought out the Dulux Colour Click. This nifty new concept allows you to achieve the perfect colour scheme for your home where any item can be selected, whether it be a decor accessory or item of clothing. Once you have chosen your source of inspiration, take out your Dulux Colour Frame, which can be found at any DIY store or ordered on the Dulux website, and follow these 3 simple steps as instructed by Dulux:

1. Take a photo using your Dulux Colour Frame.

Place the LIMITED EDITION Dulux Colour Frame over the inspirational item and take a photo. The photo can be taken with a digital camera or any mobile phone.

2. Upload your photo

Transfer your photograph from your camera or phone to your computer. Go to and follow the simple on-screen instructions to upload your photo and view your personalised schemes.

3. Select your new colour scheme

Several personalised colour schemes will be instantly made available to you. Choose the one that best suits your home, taste and style.

Here is a Dulux Colour Click video clip



Plascon’s Colour of the Month for October is Pink.  Made up of white and red tones, varying from light crimson to pale reddish purple, it is generally stereotyped as being typically feminine.  However, now-a-days, even brawny strapping men are found to be wearing shades of pink, so who is to say that it can’t be used in the home as well.  As menitioned by Plascon, “Pink does on occasion become too feminine and a bit nauseatingly sweet; to counteract this, one can bring in hints of dark charcoal or black.”

So where can one use pinks then? This is what Plascon has to say:

– Soft pinks are ideal in bedroom spaces where the mood can be kept gentle and soothing; shades like pale rose and salmon pink symbolize unconditional love (good for uplifting, calming and soothing flagging spirits and for relieving feelings of loneliness and depression).
– Bright pinks are often preferred by young, teenage girls, as these shades are energizing and motivational; they tend to encourage feelings of self-confidence and self-assurance in people. Fuchsia for example is fun-loving, carefree, upbeat and pulses with vibrancy.
– Try an unexpected pink accent in the bathroom or dining room to bring it to life.

Pink is optimistic, uplifting and romantic.  From the soft ballet pink that gained momentum in Black Swan to the bright, hot pink that made waves as last year’s Pantone colour of the year, the wonderful qualities of pink are sure to keep it in the spotlight for more than one month.

Which colours make it work better?

  • CHOCOLATE, BLACK AND GREY – these colours transform pink into a grown-up, and even chic, colour.

  • WHITE – pink and white create a classic combination that is eternally fresh and inviting.
  • CREAM – cream takes pale or dirty pinks into the realm of weddings and French décor. 

  • GREEN – dirty pinks and dusky greens create an English country-garden colour scheme.
  • SILVER AND/OR GOLD – pale pinks, metallics and cream are simply made for one another.

To view more Pretty Pink inspiration take a look at the Pretty Pink Pinterest Board. Images sources can be found there too.


The renovation is seemingly full steam ahead now. We have been in limbo waiting for the architect and the structural engineer to finalise the plans for submissions. It all takes time and careful consideration, definitely not something that you can rush, as all parties involved need to be on the same page and happy with the final outcome.

In saying that, here are some pictures of what has been happening.  As some of you may know due to previous posts, Renovation Series: Taking the Plunge, we started with the garden cottage, the guest bathroom and the home study.

We are now tackling the other areas, namely, the lounge, dining room, kitchen, entrance area and main bedroom and ensuite.  It all looks a mess and completely upside down at the moment as most of the unwanted walls are being knocked out and the ceilings removed to expose the original oregon beams.

Keep posted for more posts on the progress.





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