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The time of horrible, musty hunting lodge trophies is drawing to a close, with a wave of new alternatives cropping up by the dozen wherever you look.  Pretty, colourful, and far more animal friendly options are rearing their heads, demanding our attention.  And the best part is that they are very much apart of the craft revolution, often handmade, and generally fantastic.  We have scoured design shops and the interwebs to bring you our favourite, most playful and lustworthy options out there.  There are gorgeous options to suit every budget, as well as some cute DIY ideas, so give the gift of an animal head this Christmas.  Or better yet, hint to all your friends and family so that they can get them for you!
 Giant cross stitch kit by Jessica Decker + Kollabora – source
Holiday Antlers No. 4180 by Kari Herersource

Gorgeous work at

A quick, cute DIY idea - source

Sweet silhouette from our favourite online boutique, Hello Pretty, by Forgetmeknotsource

We spotted this impressive specimen at the amazingly beautiful Weylandts Umhlanga recently.

Something a little more sleek and modern, also from Weylandts - source

And this devastatingly beautiful piece by Frederique Morrelsource
I could quite possibly be convinced to part with a limb for a Frederique Morrel piece, but would be quite content to settle for any of these other stunning ideas and products.  There’s really a trophy for every home – which one is your favourite?


Grey is one of my personal favourites.  It is described as a neutral tone, an intermediate between black and white.  I enjoy using it as it isn’t as harsh as black and variants of grey can be used to create maltifarious moods.

With all the hype on the book, 50 Shades of Grey, Plascon decided to hone in on grey as the Colour of the Month.  They have the following to say:

“Greys represent strength, longevity and dependability. Whether they’re pale and whimsical or dark and foreboding, these shades are always regarded as classic, sophisticated and contemplative.”

“In truth, there are far more than 50 shades of grey, from warm taupe greys to cool blue greys. The darker the grey, the more authoritative and powerful. The closer the colour moves to white, the softer and more subtle its message becomes.

Grey tips and inspiration…

Designers love grey because there’s a tone to go with almost every colour. On its own, the colour can become a little boring and monotonous, so remember to use different shades and textures if you’re choosing an all-grey scheme. Create visual interest with satin and velvet fabrics or accessories, and be sure to bring in a shimmer of silver.”

All image sources can be found on our Going Grey Pinterest Board.


I’m one of those people that has funny sleeping habits, and often find myself bright eyed and bushy tailed at three in the morning.  To fritter away the morning hours I morph into a total nerd (I have glasses and everything) and window shop.  Online.  As a result, I have a Kalahari wish list of over 2000 books, and a Pinterest lust list as long as my forearm.  It does, however, give me an opportunity to experience the various online shopping ventures that are cropping up all over the place.  Now I don’t have to salivate all over my laptop over the homeware sections on sites such as Net-A-Porter, Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus so much anymore – South Africa is gaining momentum in the online retail front and it’s very exciting.  Yay for us!  
There’s a great emphasis on fantastic service, branding, and collaborations with lovely sellers.  One such site is Hello Pretty – the people driving are bubbly and completely lovely, and I love following them on Twitter just for their upbeat attitude.  Having ordered some birthday goodies earlier in the year, I can really vouch for their efficiency and the quality of their products.  I just want everything!

Brak Furniture - Source

Another great showcase for local design talent is the Design Indaba online shop.  Once again, I just want everything.  My short little fingers just cannot fly over my keyboard fast enough:

Lorenzo Nassimbenis Prince cushion - Source

Pedersen+Lennard Bucket Stools – my ultimate online lust item.  Source
I am not exaggerating when I say you can furnish your entire house from your couch – furniture, appliances, finishes and decor items are just a click away.  Can you imagine – it’s almost Christmas after all.  You can laugh at all the people struggling through the sweaty, rude masses in shopping centres.  You don’t have to waste any of your hard earned holiday time enduring Christmas shopping madness.  
We’ve rounded up some more of our online favourites – grab some napkins to combat any drooling, your credit card (or your boyfriend/husband/mom’s credit card!) and your couch because there’s something for every age group and budget, and many sites such as Kalahari are offering free festive season deliveries.  And go!
Handmade By Me‘s fantastic pink flamingo prints on Utique.  Source

The talented Tanya Laing’s quirky ceramics range, Sootcookie Ceramics, is too gorgeous.  Found at Utique.  Source

We are dying over the Minima Cage Light from Klooftique - source

Cafe Chair from Klooftique - source

Leather Patchwork Pouffe from Klooftique - source
Muuto Unfold Blue by Form Us With Love at Entrepo - source

Muuto Woodlamp by TAF Architects, at Entrepo - source

Gerrit Rietveld Inspired Zig Zag Chair - source

Charles Ray Eames Inspired Dining Table at - source

We love the mid century modern replica’s at – as a recent owner of one of their Eames inspired Eiffel chairs, I definitely feel fancy for less!  (I can also personally vouch for their great service.)

Are you shopping yet?
- Lee


It’s all good and well us bombarding our readers with a lot of technical information about how to decorate the hell out of a space, but sometimes all the facts kind of sap the inspiration out of the project.  While all the technical details are very valuable, and should be kept in your back pocket, it’s sometimes fun to get a bit more hands on, and the small, short term goals can be extremely motivating to continue striving for your ultimate decor.  Go you.
In this “Love in the Time of Pinterest,” we are supplied with decor DIY inspiration on a daily basis (Our boards are fantastic – you should all follow us) – there’s some stunning stuff out there, that’s easy, affordable, and has potential for maximum decor impact.  
We’ve rounded up some of our favourite DIY idea’s for you – projects range depending on the amount of effort you feel like putting in (it’s almost December.  We get it.  The easier projects are awesome too).  Some have tutorials, and some are great potential inspirations:
Get thrifty! Source
Like we said, it is almost the festive season.  Some of these projects could be great bonding, family activities and fun for the kiddies.  Remember, interior decorating is completely accessible – everyone can get involved, get their hands dirty and have fun.  Send us some decor DIY via Twitter or Facebook – we would love to see what you all got up to!
- Lee

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