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With the summer holidays fast approaching,  I couldn’t help but get that excited happy feeling when I spotted this quaint little cottage on the Perfect Hideaway’s site. It is so perfect in every sense. A relaxed, down-to-earth, no fuss cottage hidden in the dunes overlooking the lagoon. I can just picture the lazy, relaxing days spent reading, walking, swimming, eating, sleeping. Ah, the perfect holiday wouldn’t you say?

This is what Perfect Hideaway’s had to say about about the Whaler’s Way Beach Cottage in Churchhaven, outside Cape Town:

“Whaler’s Way is an exquisite beach house that is big on charm and small on environmental impact. The house is built on an entirely green footprint of reclaimed materials, solar panels, locally sourced finishes and rainwater harvesting. Ecological credentials lend authenticity to the understated rustic “French Settler” style that has been achieved with weathered beams, antique furnishings and fresh natural finishes.”

Contact Perfect Hideaway’s for more info.


We have made no secret of the fact that we LOVE vertical gardens at Portfolio.  Think, obsessed, infatuated, slightly ridiculous.
However, vertical gardens aren’t exactly the beacon of practicality, especially if you’re an apartment living city dweller.  Neither are actual gardens for that matter.  As pointed out by trend commentator Nicola Hadfield, green is always in style, year in and year out.  A tool that design fundi John Jacob implements often, is introducing green to your palette through nature.  It extends your space, bringing outside in, and inside out.  Obviously the aforementioned apartment owning/renting/squatting city dweller will have some technical difficulties here.  So the solution would naturally (see what I did there?) be house plants.  
Stuck on how to bring in some small space greenery without it looking like an fern-filled 80’s old age home? No worries, we’ve got you covered.
While all these more retro concepts have made a comeback, they have been overhauled, restyled, and reintroduced.  There is nothing old fashioned about hanging plants and terrariums anymore.  Here are some of our favourite “inside garden” solutions, to keep you happy and trendy:

Cute DIY by Design Spongesource
Spotted by Kim Gray at Kamersvolsource
Boskke planters at l’Emile et Son, who celebrated their first birthday yesterdaysource
Completely lusting after these hanging planters by the delightfully quirky Sobeit Studio.
DIY Terrariums - source
So sweet! Source
So it’s official – with all of these amazing ideas, many of which can be DIY-ed or bought online, none of us have an excuse to shy away from bringing a bit of greenery onto our spaces.


Ah.. back to a renovation series post.  It seems like not too much has happened since the last post, but then again, I see the house each day and when looking back at the last progress post, quite a bit has transpired.

At least now all the internal walls have been knocked down which has opened up the previously closed, dark kitchen and has seamlessly connected it to the dining room, entrance and living area. Which means the living areas will be bathed in more natural light. I can’t wait for it to be finished and to move in!

I also found a new photo editing and layout website called Picmonkey. Below are a couple of the renovation shots that I was playing around with on their site.




I can’t believe we are already in the month of November, it seems this year has flitted past without so much as a backward glance.  For those that dread the beginning of the week, here is a lovely site for a little distraction and upliftment. I came across Light Locations via Holly Becker’s blog, Decor8, a while back. They are a photographic location agency based overseas and have some amazing places showcased.

Source: Light Locations

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