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The year is drawing to a close, and while most of us are running around like fools trying to cram all of the tasks and jobs we had all year to complete into a few short days and weeks, it’s good to take time to pause and drink in some inspiration.
The lovely folks at Plascon are wizards at supplying decor inspiration on a daily basis, and on announcing Purple as their colour of the month, we took time to pause, reflect, and examine.  While purple is not a colour we often use in our interiors concepts, we find ourselves smack bang in the middle of a purple besotted project that has forced us to rethink the scarceness of its use.

Referring to purple’s pull in the fashion world and the continued influences the colour is predicted to have in 2013, the Plascon People had this to say about Purple:
“Whether it’s ethereal lavender or vivacious violet, purple is a balancing colour that contains both the relaxing qualities of blue and the stimulating qualities of red. As a result, it always creates an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication.”

 “Purple works beautifully in bedrooms, where it enhances the space’s inherent sense of luxury and relaxation. Whether it’s a soft layer of lavender or a bold splash of violet, this colour will make your bedroom feel pleasingly plush and peaceful. Combine the wall colour with a vase of violets or an elegant orchid to enhance the overall effect. The lighter shades of purple also work well in treatment rooms, recovery wards and waiting rooms”

“One of the best partners for purple is green, a combination that is often seen in nature. The complementary colour for violet is yellow – think of a purple Iris flower that’s enhanced by that electrifying yellow tongue”
Purple people tend to be spiritual, creative and open-minded, but they’re also practical and grounded. This colour is usually a favourite of artists, musicians, performers and designers, and people who like purple often make great leaders and teachers.”
Plascon’s favourite purples
  • Regal Bearing (P4-D1-2), from the 2013 Colour Forecast
  • Wink (P7-D1-3)
  • Mauve Dust (P2-C2-2)
Grab a paint can and add a splash of colour to your summer – for more inspiration hop over to my Pretty Purples Pinterest board.
- Lee


There seems to be an ever growing awareness of the basics, and an ever growing desire to strip away that this isn’t needed.  To take things right back to their core, and to focus on that, making it the best version of itself.  
I’ve noticed this concept of”stripping away” in abundance when it comes to light bulbs.  Designers are creating the most beautiful, simplistic yet sculptural lights, voided of any lampshades, frills or tassels of any sort – just a bulb and a chord. 
We’ve rounded up our favourites below:

Sam Wilkinson created the energy saving Plumen 001 light bulbSource
Diamond lights by Eric ThernerSource (photo’s taken by Jesper Lindstrom)

Muuto Pendant Lights from Entrepo and Bright Spout Souped Lights from Surrounding.

Lampframe Pendant Light by Herr Mandel, Pendant Lamps by David Taylor, Industrial Cage Lamps from Rewire, and Wooden Light Bulb by Ryosuke Fukusada.

Cityscape Light Shade by David Graas, Crystal Light Bulb by Lee Broom, and Work Lamp by Form Us With Love.
Take a lesson from these talented designers and start trying to see things differently – you may surprise yourself!
- Lee

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