2013 in Colour

To start off the new year, we thought that it would be a good idea to get to know the years colours forecast a bit better.  As Nicola Hadfield mentioned in her trend talk, colours are becoming more muted this year.  Pantone launched the 2013 Colour of the Year, Emerald, with a bang, but there’s a whole range of other colours working with it.  We have sourced some stunning visuals as examples, which will hopefully inspire you all, and keep you bang on trend this year with the top ten colours presented in gorgeous collages:

Personally, I adore this years colours – I feel like there’s a return to more natural hues, and while I may be no expert, I believe they’ll continue to look great in any context long after next forecasts are announced.  I especially love Grayed Jade, Poppy Red (especially since I own a pair of those gorgeous Vivienne Westwood/Melissa Love Heart heels!) and Linen.

– Lee

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