As a lowly design student, I was thrilled when Che’ responded to an email I had sent in the desperate hopes that someone out there may be in need of an intern.  It was like fate – she was the only one that replied to the dozens of pleading requests that I had dispatched into the interwebs.  Like it was meant to be, no?
And so our relationship began – she filled the role of the mentor that I needed seamlessly – not only in terms of design, but in the running of her business, her dealings with people, and life in general.  She was so kind as to help me practice my writing skills when she allowed me access to her blog, even though I did drop the ball recently.
We have decided that while I have been responsible for several previous posts, it is time that I am officially introduced to the readers:

Hiiiiii, my name is Lee-Anne, and I’m an interior design student.

Based in Pretoria, but soon returning home to hot and sultry Durban, I’ll be working hard to bring you useful and generally awesome content.  Hopefully you will all love it and think I’m fabulous, but if not, at the very least think that Che’ is fabulous.  Portfolio is her labour of love after all, and I hope to maintain all of the high standards that she sets for herself, her business, and this blog.

Happy reading everyone!
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