Behind the Scenes: Decorex

It has been a manic two weeks – sorry for the lack of posts people.  I hope to be more on top of things now.

So Decorex is fast approaching and this past weekend I managed to rope my dad into helping get some of the items made up.  As you know, I absolutely LOVE his workshop and am always in there trying to do something, and being a girl, can never quite do all the “manly” things. Alas, he always comes to the rescue.

Below are a couple shots of the bed canopy I plan on using on the stand, this being the basic structure and is going to then be upholstered in a silk.

Below that is a hat/scarf/handbag stand made up of steel and washers secured onto an old piece of driftwood.

I’ll be posting pictures once the stand is complete and finished, hope to see some of you there next weekend!

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