As Cape Town’s Artisan Coffee Roasters so aptly put it –  “Flavour not bitterness. No sugar required”

They go on to explain how and who can purchase their radiant coffee and how they achieve their unique roast.

We specialise in producing Artisanal style coffees for the coffee geeks out there in Sunny South Africa. Come into our Roastery or Depot, buy online or get us to supply your Hotel, restaurant or business with a full consultation and find a solution to your quality coffee paradigm.

We roast on a vintage probat with modern electronics. Why? The vintage roaster drum is cast iron, this changed in the sixties to mild steel. The cast iron seems to make coffee taste better. Maybe it is just easier to roast on, and that is why, although some say it is because the cast iron gives off radiant and convective heat. Why the electronics? so we can see what the hell we are doing!

Owner, David Donde and designer Haldane Martin worked closely together to achieve what they “term as “steampunk”, which was originally used to describe a literary sci-fi genre that proposes alternative pasts. Aesthetically it is a futuristic-style reimagining of the mechanical technology of the past. The best-known example in popular culture is the Wild Wild West film with Will Smith in 1999.”

Not all coffees are created equal. The streets are overflowing with watery brew; and this taste-bud nightmare continues to exist because good people remain silent.
No longer! This travesty of coffee justice ends right here with this institution.
At Truth. the bitter horror of the over-roasted bean is avoided, the coarse grind is banished and poor preparation is shunned.
Say no to mediocrity!
Experience coffee as a religion.
TRUTH. coffeecult”

The Fringe Design District
36 Buitenkant Street
Cape Town South Africa

Prestwich Memorial
1 Somerset Road Green Point corner Buitengracht
Cape Town South Africa

Cape Town South Africa
tel: +27 +21 2000 440

Studio Address
Shop 4, Ground Floor, Fairweather House,
176 Sir Lowry Road, Corner Nelson Street,
Woodstock, 7925, Cape Town, South Africa

Tel: +27 (0)21 461 1785
Fax: +27 (0)21 461 4053

WORDS courtesy of Nadine Botha,  and PHOTOS courtesy of Micky Hoyle via VISI
Info found on the Truth website

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