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Afternoon all,

I cannot come to terms with the reality of this year approaching its end.  It seems as though time speeds up as the year draws to a close.  With that being said, this colour of the month is well suited as summer has arrived and us Durbanite’s, are tackling the heat and humidity.

Now to announce Plascon’s colour of the month: Orange is the new black.  I was thrilled when I found out orange was the colour of the month, as I am very fond of this colour and it is a perfect vibrant way to kick off the summer season.  This is what Anne Roselt had to say about orange. ” This citrus colour featured not only on the fashion but also in cosmetics, and, of course, the energy that orange brings to fashion can also be brought into our homes.”

Where I would feature this colour:

  • Orange is known to be the colour that encourages individuals to consume food, therefore, I would use it in a contemporary setting in a restaurant or deli.
  • Orange gives off just as much brightness as the colour red and therefore works well in a corporate environment.  It is eye catching and can be seen easily from a distance.

Decorating tip:

  • When you decorate with orange try to incorporate navy blue with it as they are complementary colours and together, will create a striking and bold arrangement.

Have a peak at some superb pictures I came across demonstrating the colour orange in different ways.




Tangerine 2


Images courtesy of: Pinterest, Plascon, Pinterest, Pinterest, A touch of luxe blog, Pinterest, Pinterest , Live your style blogspot, pintrest, pintrest, HGTV, Homedepot and Tuttifioridesigns.

Decor Inspiration: Studio Space of an Interior Architect

I often find motivation and inspiration by peering into the lives of other like-minded creatives.  With our studio renovations nearly finished and all the smaller details being finalised and installed, I thought I would share Freunde Von Freunden’s write up of an interior architecture firm and their amazing studio space in Kitzbühel, just outside Munich, Austria.





























As explained, “The story of Bernd Gruber started long before the man that is its namesake finished his woodworking apprenticeship as one of the youngest master carpenters in Austria. Having taken over his father’s business in 1992, Gruber honed the traditional family operation into an internationally acclaimed bureau that today oversees projects from LA to Vienna and produces quality-oriented designs with the support of its own in-house workshop. “We produce all our design from scratch and are able to quality-control our productions at every step of the way.  Good design must always be consistent with high quality production. We are lucky to have the best people in our workshop, who really understand our concepts and can make them a reality.”

Philipp Hoflehner, creative director at Bernd Gruber Interior Architecture, along with others at the firm draw their inspiration by visiting contemporary and classic furniture and art fairs, and this is then transferred into creative thinking for projects. However, in saying that,  they explain “there comes a point where you no longer need to search for inspiration, because it’s already approaching you.”

Photography: Christoph Schaller

Quoted items and translations courtesy of  Martina Hemm and Katharina Finke from Freunde Von Freunden website.

Colour of the month: Pretty Pink

Hello dear readers!

It’s been a really long time, hasn’t it? It has honestly been so crazy busy that I haven’t had a chance to catch my breath. Nevertheless, that is hardly an excuse.. We are now back on track with some lovely posts in the pipeline.

With all the hecticness, I am thrilled to introduce a new member on board, Stephanie Payne. She has recently joined Portfolio, and has thus far been a great help in keeping me sane and on track. She will also be contributing some lovely posts, so be sure to check in to “meet” her and see what she has to offer.

Now that all that is out of the way… We have Colour of the Month: Pretty Pink, to kick start the run of posts. Plascon’s Colour of the Month for October is Pink and this is what Catherine Bowen from Plascon Trends had to say about choosing pink for your room:

  • Soft pinks are ideal in bedroom spaces where the mood can be kept gentle and soothing; shades like pale rose and salmon pink symbolize unconditional love (good for uplifting, calming and soothing flagging spirits and for relieving feelings of loneliness and depression).
  • Bright pinks are often preferred by young, teenage girls, as these shades are energizing and motivational; they tend to encourage feelings of self-confidence and self-assurance in people. Fuchsia for example is fun-loving, carefree, upbeat and pulses with vibrancy.
  • Try an unexpected pink accent in the bathroom or dining room to bring it to life.



And what shades do I pair it with?
  • Chocolate, Black and Grey will give it a modern maturity, that it sometimes lacks, and elevates it to très chic.
  • White & Pink is a timeless combination that remains eternally fresh and inviting.
  • Cream & pale or dirty Pinks are evocative of wedding and French décor scenes.
  • Greens or Dusky Greens  & dirty Pinks will yield an English country-garden colour palette.
  • Silver and/or Gold  & pale Pinks are created for one another.



Aren’t these choices of pink just glorious?  I know that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I’m sure you can all appreciate the splendour it evokes.

Have an amazing week everyone.

Che’ xox

All images can be found on our Pretty Pinks Pinterest Board.


Colour of the month: Bird’s-Egg Blue

This is one of my favourite colours.  I find it such a soothing and effortless colour to apply in a room, whether it be a bedroom, dining room or living area, in fact, it can be used in just about any part of the home.

It is Plascon’s March Colour of the Month, and Plascon Colour Manager, Anne Roselt had this to say;

“Pale blue reminds us of the sky and water, and it creates a sense of freshness and space. Duck-egg and bird’s-egg blues vary from cool, clean turquoise to warmer, more muted shades. The trick is to select the one that best suits your room and other décor items.”

Tips and inspiration

Pale blue is a great colour to introduce if you’re looking to add a bit of peace, balance and harmony to your life. Use it in rooms where you want to relax and contemplate the day. And it isn’t just a great wall colour – pale blue is also a wonderful trim that brings skirtings, doors and furniture to life.

Plascon’s favourite pale blues

Bird’s Egg B3-B2-2
Powdered Blue B5-A2-2
Dreamcatcher B4-B2-2
Stardust B5-C2-2
Winter Haven B2-E2-3
Whisper B5-E2-3

All image sources can be found on our Pinterest Board “Birds Egg Blue”

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