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Inside scoop

Wow, I am generally quite conservative when it comes to playing with colour in clients homes. You know the usual, hide behind a neutral colour palette and throw in accent colours by means of accessories? With Plascon, ALL the colours are bright! So it has been quite a challenge and completely thrown me out of my comfort zone, which is great! It has forced my adventurous side to come out and play.

Here are some pics of the furniture pieces I have designed (they are still at the factory and in the progress of being completed). I can’t tell you how exciting it is seeing something you have sketched on paper come to life!

Walnut inlay with white duco – Shutterply legs with walnut

Server in its raw state

Plascon “Panorama Lights” colour for the server

Fun with Colour

I tried something new today, what great fun!
These are some of the paint colours for the Plascon “Love” inspired colour palette, Vibrant Possibilities. 
There are four colour palettes, being Eco Sustenance, Future Fusion, Romance Rekindled and Vibrant Possibilities.  Portfolio has been chosen to represent Plascon at the Trends and Tastes exhibition in Durban this coming weekend, and has been given the Vibrant Possibilities palette to work with.
The full colour palette of Vibrant Possibilities

Inside Scoop

Trends and Tastes is fast approaching and I thought I would share some of the work in progress, behind the scenes. The team got busy in the workshop spraying frames, decor accessories, welding stainless steel and shaping hearts out of shutter ply. I am very excited to see it all come together. As soon as the stand is set up I will post more pictures of the finished products.
Trends & Tastes
The Durban Exhibition Centre
18 – 21 March 2011


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