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In preparation for the new Renovation Series we will begin running as of next week, we decided to kick start our industry interviews by talking to an industry professional that deals with renovations every day.
People are nervous to embark on revamps,  since it is a rather mammoth task – we have asked Trevor, from Wellworth Projects, to assist us by answering a few questions about what to expect and to be aware of before plunging into the daunting waters of the renovation process.
How should you go about deciding to attempt renovating?  (How do you know you’re ready, if it’s worth it, setting goals, etc)
In most cases, a couple or family will buy a place with the intention of renovating it to live in or to sell it for a capital gain, or a family living in an existing dwelling wishes to spruce up their current house by renovating. The best advice I can give is to calculate your costs, get estimates for the work you intend doing prior to starting, have a clear goal as to what you want to achieve and be practical. This will determine whether you are ready and if it will be worth it. 
Renovations need to be cost effective, within your budget, and add value to your property.  Be aware of over capitalising.
Having decided to go ahead, what should you be aware of? (Surprises, delays, change in plans, mess, etc.) 
The worst surprises come from rogue contractors that make off with your hard earned money!  Never pick up a newspaper and dial the first number you see.  Never use men on the street, you are looking for trouble!

Always use a reputable company, one that has been operating for at least five years or more.  Referrals are the best, get someone you know and trust to refer you to a good operator in your area.

A good operator has all the bases covered, but sometimes delays are inevitable, for example, removing a slab of concrete may reveal underground plumbing.  These pipes would have to be re-routed, which would result in a delay and additional costs.

A change in plans would only come from the client themselves – ensure you have a clear idea of what you want prior to starting.

Mess is inevitable, however, needs to be managed by your contractor.  The site should be kept clean and tidy at all times.

Should you not be living on site, is there a security threat on site? (Theft, eg.)
If no one is living on site and there is not adequate security, like boundary walls with electric fence and/or razor wire, or alarm systems, then one needs to enlist the services of a night watchman from a reputable company.
If living in the building during renovations, what should you be prepared for? (Noise, mess, damage, etc)
If you have to live in the building whilst renovations are taking place, then make sure that one or two rooms are done at a time.  This will ensure that noise, mess and damage can be kept to a minimum.  Drilling, banging etc. can only take place during working hours, so make sure your contractor abides by the rules and you can have a peaceful nights rest and happy neighbours.  Any damage caused by your contractor, such as broken window panes or damaged water pipes, should be for his account.  For this reason, make sure your contractor is fully insured.
What’s important to remember when dealing with various contractors? (Communications, timelines, good relationships, etc)
You should always be able to contact your contractor 24/7.  Timelines need to be adhered to, unless there are unexpected delays for which the contractor has no control over.  Make sure you have a good relationship with your contractor and that any issues that arise are spoken about and dealt with immediately.
How long after completion will I be covered for any problems or defects? 
A guarantee of one year against faulty workmanship and materials is normal and acceptable.  Any latent defects will manifest themselves within one year.
Many thanks Trevor!

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