Grey is one of my personal favourites.  It is described as a neutral tone, an intermediate between black and white.  I enjoy using it as it isn’t as harsh as black and variants of grey can be used to create maltifarious moods.

With all the hype on the book, 50 Shades of Grey, Plascon decided to hone in on grey as the Colour of the Month.  They have the following to say:

“Greys represent strength, longevity and dependability. Whether they’re pale and whimsical or dark and foreboding, these shades are always regarded as classic, sophisticated and contemplative.”

“In truth, there are far more than 50 shades of grey, from warm taupe greys to cool blue greys. The darker the grey, the more authoritative and powerful. The closer the colour moves to white, the softer and more subtle its message becomes.

Grey tips and inspiration…

Designers love grey because there’s a tone to go with almost every colour. On its own, the colour can become a little boring and monotonous, so remember to use different shades and textures if you’re choosing an all-grey scheme. Create visual interest with satin and velvet fabrics or accessories, and be sure to bring in a shimmer of silver.”

All image sources can be found on our Going Grey Pinterest Board.

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