Another month has passed us by and already it’s time for our regular colour inspiration feature based on Plascon’s Colour of the Month.  This September, Teal has been chosen in celebration of Spring.

Plascon Trends Blog Editor, Catherine Bowen, had this to say when asked what is so hot about teal:

”Teal is one of those colours that somehow looks good on everyone and appeals to both women and men, as well as managing to work well with a range of other colours and shades. For this reason it has always had its followers and fans, but more so now than ever before.
From fashion, cosmetics and jewelry to the latest décor and design, teal has become a firm favourite in 2012 – vibrant teal jeans have been seen everywhere, from runway to street, and, no doubt, it will spread even further this season.”

The article goes on to offer some guidelines on what colours to pair with teal:

“Which colours make it work better?

  • NATURALS – as mentioned, teal is even more relaxing when used with neutrals and earth tones.
  • BROWN – teal and brown make a lovely complementary combo, as we saw at the Plascon Dare stand at Decorex Joburg, designed by Egg Design.
  • METALLICS – shiny and shimmering colours look even more so when paired with teal.
  • ORANGE AND RED – a very fashionable way to use teal at the moment is with its complimentary colour, red. Similarly it also works well, and is given a contemporary edge, when used with bold orange.
  • PINK – teal and fuschia pink are another great, on-trend pair… for people who enjoy brights.”

Teal can be used in just about any room, and depending on the colours you pair it, a dramatic and bold look can be created.  For those less brave, teal can be used in small doses, be it accessories or accents.  Take a look at some examples below.

For image sources hop over to the Surreal Teal Pinterest Board

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