Winter White is Plascon’s Colour of the Month for July.  When questioned on why it was chosen, Colour Expert Anne Roselt explained:
“White is the colour of peace, calm and purity; white is uncluttered and it’s simplicity helps cleanse our mind of worry and open it to fresh ideas and creativity…  With so much stress and tension in the world today it is no wonder people are craving the cleansing and peaceful qualities of white.”
She goes on to say that while it is usually associated with summer, winter white has been seen all over runways and red carpets of late, and when carefully planned, is anything but boring.  White provides an ideal canvas for any other colour that tickles your fancy, but brilliant white can create a glare – this could result in a cold and clinical environment.  Anne stated that it is often a colour best left for mouldings and other areas you wish to highlight.  Warmer, softer whites are usually easier to live with – combine both bright and soft whites for a calming, but still interesting space.
We’ve compiled a few of our favourite examples of white interiors, best displaying the use of white as a canvas in your space, as well as the potential of using different shades of white to create interest in any space.  For image sources and many more, visit our Pinterest Winter White board.

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