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I cannot come to terms with the reality of this year approaching its end.  It seems as though time speeds up as the year draws to a close.  With that being said, this colour of the month is well suited as summer has arrived and us Durbanite’s, are tackling the heat and humidity.

Now to announce Plascon’s colour of the month: Orange is the new black.  I was thrilled when I found out orange was the colour of the month, as I am very fond of this colour and it is a perfect vibrant way to kick off the summer season.  This is what Anne Roselt had to say about orange. ” This citrus colour featured not only on the fashion but also in cosmetics, and, of course, the energy that orange brings to fashion can also be brought into our homes.”

Where I would feature this colour:

  • Orange is known to be the colour that encourages individuals to consume food, therefore, I would use it in a contemporary setting in a restaurant or deli.
  • Orange gives off just as much brightness as the colour red and therefore works well in a corporate environment.  It is eye catching and can be seen easily from a distance.

Decorating tip:

  • When you decorate with orange try to incorporate navy blue with it as they are complementary colours and together, will create a striking and bold arrangement.

Have a peak at some superb pictures I came across demonstrating the colour orange in different ways.




Tangerine 2


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