The time of horrible, musty hunting lodge trophies is drawing to a close, with a wave of new alternatives cropping up by the dozen wherever you look.  Pretty, colourful, and far more animal friendly options are rearing their heads, demanding our attention.  And the best part is that they are very much apart of the craft revolution, often handmade, and generally fantastic.  We have scoured design shops and the interwebs to bring you our favourite, most playful and lustworthy options out there.  There are gorgeous options to suit every budget, as well as some cute DIY ideas, so give the gift of an animal head this Christmas.  Or better yet, hint to all your friends and family so that they can get them for you!
 Giant cross stitch kit by Jessica Decker + Kollabora – source
Holiday Antlers No. 4180 by Kari Herersource

Gorgeous work at

A quick, cute DIY idea - source

Sweet silhouette from our favourite online boutique, Hello Pretty, by Forgetmeknotsource

We spotted this impressive specimen at the amazingly beautiful Weylandts Umhlanga recently.

Something a little more sleek and modern, also from Weylandts - source

And this devastatingly beautiful piece by Frederique Morrelsource
I could quite possibly be convinced to part with a limb for a Frederique Morrel piece, but would be quite content to settle for any of these other stunning ideas and products.  There’s really a trophy for every home – which one is your favourite?
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