I have found there to be quite an amount of interest in integrated appliances of late. I have not only seen a presence in the latest decor magazines but also quite a number of clients asking about the integral part of their practicality in the kitchen, and if what they gain in style is worth the loss in their purse.

For those of you who haven’t heard of integrated or “built in” appliances, these appliances are
specialised in that they are designed and manufactured to fit within a cupboard. These appliances’ ventilation system is completely different when compared to the freestanding appliances more commonly used.

Why do people use them? For their sleek, non-existent presence in a kitchen.

As Philip Richards, brand manager, from blu_line cabinetry specialists says, “An integrated kitchen can achieve a seamless and uncluttered look while still ensuring that the space is functional and meets with demands made on it.” From the November 2012 House and Leisure issue.

Many brands on the market offer customers a wide range of streamlined, sleek built in appliances, below are just a few examples of what is available.





And below are a few examples of kitchens with integrated appliances.

Integrated wine cooler and ovens
Integrated refrigerator
Powder coated aluminum kitchen with integrated sink and four gas burners
Integrated stove top

White kitchen with integrated dishwasher
Dark Wood Kitchen
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