Rick and I were in Port Edward a few weekends back and went to visit an old friend who is building a house on their farm. What I find so interesting about the house, is the fact that it isn’t being built with your typical block or brick. The walls consist on concrete panels, if one may call it that. Basically, metal uprights are held in place and concrete poured in. The concrete is left to dry and the metal uprights removed.. forming your new wall. I am not sure as to the cost compared to brick or block but ultimately it will be one of the strongest houses around.

The inland view is absolutely beautiful! Makes me wonder what I am doing living in the city!

Hope you all having a lovely week so far!
Che’ xox


  1. SaraMc May 24, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

    HI Che
    Wow what a brilliant site & what a lovely surprise to see our house on your Blog! You must pop in when you are down again, we have just started putting the roof on so it’s getting really exciting:)

    Keep well!
    Sara x

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