Our concept mood board: Decorex Durban 2013

Lee-Anne and I have been conceptualising our bedroom setting for the Volvo Designer Pod for Durban Decorex, which is being held from 21-24 March 2013 at the Durban Exhibition Centre.  Below is a snippet of our concept mood board we have put together.

This year, the Designer Pods are sponsored by Volvo.  From the outset, we chose to rather try and communicate the essence of the Volvo brand, as opposed to a more literal interpretation.
On researching the development of Volvo, we discovered that the name was decided upon because of its global accessibility.  Regardless of your whereabouts or background, you would be able to pronounce and spell the name in the same manner as someone on the opposite side of the world.  We appreciated this effort to unite people in their experience of the brand.  We tried to develop our concept to reflect this – at first glance the space may exude a more masculine aura, similar to Volvo’s range of products.  However, further exploration will reveal the incorporation of luxurious textiles and finishes that communicate a more feminine touch, thus balancing the design by juxtaposing stronger, more rugged elements with those that are more refined.  This will turn the stand into an environment in which both the manliest man and the most petite prima ballerina appear to be equally at home.

We were further inspired by the logo.  The ancient symbol for iron represents quality, safety and durability, as well as having come to symbolise a brand that strives for exciting and modern design.  We translated this message into metallic accents throughout the space, which creates an eye-catching effect even from a distance – similar to a beautiful car.  We have sourced striking pieces for the stand, and have applied interesting, newer techniques to more conventional materials and furnishings.  Bystanders are invited to experience the comfort of tradition, while being excited and propelled forward by the new approaches to those same traditions.

Stay tuned for the complimentary ticket give-away coming up.

Hope to see you all there!

Ché and Lee

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