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All about slipcovered sofas and chairs

When one mentions a slipcovered couch, the general reaction is a sloppy, stretched and faded couch, full of stains and wrinkles.  In fact, they can be quite the opposite if you choose the right fabric and style, and they are extremely practical when it comes to children and pets.

Slipcovers have been around for ages. Initially fine fabrics like silk and damask were used to upholster couches and chairs, and as you can imagine, faded and wore fast when used on a daily basis. Hence, the invention of the slipcover came about to preserve the chairs, and when guests arrived, they could be easily removed. Now-a-days, the use of slipcovers have somewhat changed dramatically.

Here are some suggestions and helpful hints that will hopefully steer you in the right direction and help clarify any questions.
Some things to consider:
-what is your style preference eg: tailored, country, traditional, eclectic, contemporary
-will this style relate to the rest of your room decor
-what fabric do you want, patterned or plain
-consider embellishments: cord, ties or buttons, pleats, skirts
Choosing the right fabric for slipcovers:
-it must be upholstery grade fabric
-machine washable
-preferably a closely woven fabric so that the threads don't pull out easily when being washed over and over
-100% Cotton or 100% Linen are generally the best fabrics to use. However, can shrink and crease or wrinkle 
-pre-shrink fabric prior to making up slipcovers 
What style is not suitable for slipcovers:
-anything that reclines
-couches or chairs with big puffy attached cushions
-and/or heavily rounded or curved arms and back 
-anything that lacks crisply defined edges
Lastly, the general rule is that an upholsterer will upholster a newly made up couch in a lining of sorts and then make up the slipcovers in your fabric of choice. That way, the expense is kept to minimum as lining is reasonable. However, this is completely dependent on whether your prefer a lining underneath or a fabric.

I hope the hints and suggestions above are going to be of help.  If you are still unsure or have any questions, pop us a comment and we would be happy to help.

Che’ x

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