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Hot 2013 Decor Trends

I hope you all had a lovely well-rested break over the holidays and that 2013 is off to a good start!

In terms of what’s hot in decor, here’s a little of what we can expect to see this year.


There seems to be quite a fuss on layered gold accessories and accent pieces.  Gold wallpaper is also a biggie, the reflective sheen makes quite an impact.


It seems this trend of keeping a neutral palette and then adding in pops of colour is back again this year (or perhaps it just doesn’t date?).  I find this trend practical as a whole new feel can be created by simply changing accent colours or adding in a complementary colour to the existing colour palette.


So sweet.. These animal patterns and motifs are making appearances on wallpaper, fabrics, bedding and accessories.


Ooh I so love this. Such a simple decor idea yet so dramatic.

I shall eagerly await these exciting trends that will hopefully make an appearance in fabrics, wallpapers and decor accessories soon.

Che’ xox

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